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Text2Html Help Resources

Text2Html is a Free plain text to HTML converter program.

Demonstration Video

On-line Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

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"I have had your program on my computer for some time now, but I rarely have the need for a conversion txt>html. I will however sometimes write a page of htm from scratch. Recently I had to send some stuff via the .pdf format, which is not my choice, but I wanted to figure out how to do it anyway without using the Acrobat utility. I found the best and easiest way was to convert from .htm > .pdf formats. RE-Enter txt2html!! Thanks it is a neat idea, and solves the problem easily. Of course I do not have any Microsoft Office type apps on my machine. I prefer freeware, it is simple, it is small, and it works, and best of all I can go for days without having to re-boot windows 98 as long as I do not continually swap in and out of those memory hogs."

- Mike Mills

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