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CyberMatrix Software, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

All CyberMatrix software can be run on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the new Windows 8 operating systems. None of our software is 64 bit but all our software will run just fine on 64 bit editions of Windows. There are three problems to be aware of:

Database Problems

All non-enterprise editions of our multi-user database applications must run in XP SP2 Compatibility Mode.  This includes the server portion of the Client/Server editions but not the client application.

Help Files

In the past we used Windows Help (.hlp) files for software documentation. We used WinHelp because it was much easier to use and work with than the new HTMLHelp (.chm) format. Unfortunately, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 no longer support WinHelp by default. Therefore we are in the process of rewriting all our software to now use HTMLHelp. The most recent versions of all our applications currently use HTMLHelp:
  • Class Scheduler v6
  • CyberMatrix Office
  • Employee Scheduler v2+
  • Employee Project Clock v6+
  • In Out Scheduler v3
  • Meeting Manager v8
  • Phone Lister v4
  • Point Of Sale v3
  • Project Clock v9+
  • Pro Schedule v7
  • Timesheets v4+

To use WinHelp with our older software you can download the WinHelp program from the Microsoft Download Center, and then install it on your computers.

Custom Reporting

In Windows Vista and higher, ordinary users are not allowed to write to the Program Files folder by default. This is due to the new User Account Control (UAC) feature in these new versions of Windows. Unfortunately some of our older software that have custom reporting features, place all the report files in the Program Files folder. This means ordinary users cannot create new reports or save modified reports. To resolve this problem, you should allow the users of the machine to "modify" the contents of this folder. Right click on the Reports folder. In the dialog that appears click the Users group to highlight it. Check the Modify permission box and press OK. The following applications with custom reporting now install reports in the data folder by default:
  • Class Scheduler v6
  • Employee Project Clock v7
  • Employee Scheduler v3
  • Meeting Manager v8
  • Point Of Sale v3
  • Project Clock v10
  • Pro Schedule v7
  • Timesheets v4+

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