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Design Tips for developing trial software with Delphi


If your code manipulates dates be sure to test using different date formats (styles, separators). [In Windows 95 for example, date formats can be changed in the Regional Settings Control Panel.]

If you are using the StrToDate function you should test your app with a date format having abbreviated or full month names. The StrToDate function will not see such dates as valid.

This code changes the month format to a two digit format StrToDate can handle:

 {StrToDate must use month as number}
if Pos('MMMM', ShortDateFormat) 0 then
ShortDateFormat:= Copy(ShortDateFormat,1,Pos('MMMM', ShortDateFormat))
if Pos('MMM', ShortDateFormat) 0 then
ShortDateFormat:= Copy(ShortDateFormat,1,Pos('MMM', ShortDateFormat))

Form 'Scaling' and Large/Small Fonts

It is important to have your forms looking professional at whatever resolution or font size (i.e. Large Fonts/Small Fonts) your users are using.

There are several scaling controls out there (see DSP for example). However, I have never found them that useful. To ensure your forms look decent at all resolutions and font sizes you can take these steps:

  • On the form set the AutoScroll property to False.
  • Ensure all forms and controls use a True Type font such as Tahoma. A non True Type font like the default MS San Serif can cause problems at different font sizes.
  • Set the form's Scaled property to False.

Form Positioning

The position of your forms may look OK on your system, but on a machine with a lower resolution the forms might default to a position off the screen. To prevent this the form Position property should be set to something other than poDesigned. Even better, on application close store the location of the form (i.e. .Top, .Left properties) in an Ini file or in the Registry. RxTools has some great controls that do this automatically.


Decimal Separator

Some European countries use a comma for a floating point separator instead of a period. If your program makes use of floating point values you should test using both a period and a comma.

In particular, the StrToFloat function will cause an exception if the string passed to it has the wrong decimal separator.

Here is some code which replaces the period in a string with the default decimal separator stored in the DecimalSeparator global variable:

 {if the string does not have the default separator replace it}
if Pos(DecimalSeparator,strV) = 0 then
strV:= Copy(strV,1,Pos('.',strV)-1)+DecimalSeparator+
Case Sensitivity
When working with user text that could contain international characters always use AnsiUppercase and AnsiLowercase instead of the Uppercase and Lowercase functions.

Preventing Cracks

Learn from the Crackers
The best way to learn how to prevent cracking is to investigate how crackers crack programs.
Don't Use Unlock Codes
The best way to prevent cracks is to have two separate builds using conditional defines. One is your trial, one is your full commercial version. In the trial put several (maybe two dozen) different checks to your countdown timer (no function calls) to annoy any cracker to tears.
Avoid Message Boxes
Crackers use tools that can break the execution of your program at any point. If you have a message box popup telling the user a reg code was invalid the cracker will easily find out how to patch the code checking.
Hide Important Text
Crackers will search your program for certain text like "Registration Expired". Prevent this by hiding the text through encryption or some other means. You can also pepper decoy text throughout the code.
30 Day Crack Program
There exist several programs that are able to prevent programs with evaluation time limits from ever expiring. Here is a method to deal with at least three such programs: CrackLock, Daykill 95 and Cracker.

Have the date the app was last accessed, and a counter of the times the program was used, hidden somewhere in the Registry. On program start check the date. If it is different than today's date increment your counter and update the date. Do another such check in the main form's OnClose event. You can do more checks in the program as well, such as whenever the user presses a certain button.

Note that at least some of these crack programs use the WMQueryEndSession event so running your check here may not work.

Interestingly enough this method appears to backfire for the cracker causing the counter to increment twice every time the program is used rather than merely every different day.

Note that there are now newer "30-day crack" programs that will defeat the above protections. Flashback Devil, for example, allows you to assign a date to a trialware program. Whenever you run this trial app through Flashback Devil the app will think it's always the same date thus the trial counter will no longer work. You get around this by getting the current date from somewhere else, like the timestamp of the Windows swap file. See the Trialware Forums for some source code.
Other crack prevention link


Game Programming

Interface Design

Q & A

Icons, Glyphs and Web Graphics

Developer Products


Press Release Information

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